Appalachian Black Metal

Twilight Fauna is a breathtaking Atmospheric Black Metal band with traditional instrumentation and themes taken from Paul Ravenwood's local region of Appalachia. Paul started Twilight Fauna in 2011 as a solo project and put out 13 releases. Paul has added Josh Thieler (Slaves BC) to the band after Josh recorded the drums for Twilight Fauna's 14th release "The Year the Stars Fell". "The Year the Stars Fell" acts as something of a bookend to Twilight Fauna's prior material with the band anxiously looking towards their future evolution in shared passion of Black Metal and the mountain range that is home to both members. The beginning of that new journey together begins with Twilight Fauna contributing one side to "Procession of the Equinox": a split 12" with Evergreen Refuge that is expected in summer of 2017.

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fall in line. march to the madness.