The collective void.


Appalachian Black Metal

Twilight Fauna is a breathtaking Atmospheric Black Metal band with traditional instrumentation and themes taken from Paul Ravenwood's local region of Appalachia. Paul started Twilight Fauna in 2011 as a solo project and put out 13 releases. Paul has added Josh Thieler (Slaves BC) to the band after Josh recorded the drums for Twilight Fauna's 14th release "The Year the Stars Fell". "The Year the Stars Fell" acts as something of a bookend to Twilight Fauna's prior material with the band anxiously looking towards their future evolution in shared passion of Black Metal and the mountain range that is home to both members. The beginning of that new journey together begins with Twilight Fauna contributing one side to "Procession of the Equinox": a split 12" with Evergreen Refuge that is expected in summer of 2017.


Rocky Mountain Atmospheric Black Metal

Evergreen Refuge is Dylan Rupe's musical response to the call he feels from the vast wonder of the natural world. Releasing 10 releases in 6 years, Evergreen Refuge can already be considered a veteran in U.S. Atmospheric Black Metal. Each release is brimming with passion and awe. The genre blending technique taken by Evergreen Refuge is the perfect accompaniment to any pioneer whether they be exploring the Rocky Mountains or their own souls. Evergreen Refuge has contributed a breathtaking track to "Procession of the Equinox": a split 12" with Twilight Fauna that is due out in summer of 2017.


Artful Desert Doom

Portland's Young Hunter has made constant strides to expand their impressive wheelhouse of influences since forming in 2011. Young Hunter's new full length "Dayhiker" was masterfully crafted with passion that breathes through every note and harmony.


Blackened and Doomed

Slaves BC is a genre-blending beast from Pittsburgh, Pa. Releasing their debut full-length in 2016, "All Is Dust and I Am Nothing" was a concept album based on the Book of Ecclesiastes with music as dark as its subject matter. Combining elements of noisy and chaotic Hardcore, blistering Black Metal, filthy Sludge, and ominous Doom Metal, Slaves BC received much praise in critical reviews. After recent line up changes, Slaves BC is poised to release their darkest release yet, with their sophomore full length "Lo, and I Am Burning" expected before the end of 2017.


Power Metal/Deathcore

Unleash the Archers is a Canadian Power Metal band that blends modern genres into their formidable music. Unleash the Archers set the bar high from their very first record, "Behold the Devastation, and they have only grown stronger with every release under their belts.

Meloncholic Mountain Black Metal

Melancholic Mountain Black Metal from the Rocky Mountains, the Appalachian Mountains, and the Black Hills. Members of Evergreen Refuge, Deafest, Slaves BC, and Twilight Fauna join forces with author Nick Trandahl and Infinite Forests Photography.
Arête have again banded together to create a soaring and epic masterpiece of black metal and folk with their first full length LP titled "Hymnal" that will be released on vinyl, digi-pack, and digitally after the leaves change for 2018. 

together, we know Fear. 
we band together in struggle against the Void, but we never will escape the Emptiness.


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